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NEISS is headquartered in a posh corporate business park of Mumbai with 2 Supply Chain offices in different locations of India. We also have an expansive presence across search engine and social media.


We are committed to accelerate the lives of our stakeholders and colleagues through intellectual and financial empowerment by delivering exceptional performance in the global health economy.


We value human relations by making every communication with our colleagues, doctors and buyers transparent as NEISS aspires to grow through original and authentic ways.

NEISS - A Top Pharma Manufacturer In India


Company Overview

Leader of niche pharmaceutical companies in India

Mission & Vision

To promote the lives of internal stakeholders and colleagues

Corporate Ethics

3 key mantras of the pharmaceutical industry.

Life at NEISS

Create colleague satisfaction by offering long-term benefits

Corporate Ethics

Do the right thing as a renowned pharma company

We at NEISS Labs Limited place high importance on doing the right thing This has helped build up the reputation of the pharmaceutical company as a socially responsible corporate. We have earned the trust and respect of all with whom we come in contact. We have occupied place in the good books of stakeholders including.

  • Customers
  • Business Partners
  • Governing and Regulatory Authorities
  • Media

Integrity and Fairness as a leading pharma company in India.

Business ethics is based on broad principles of integrity and fairness. We at Neiss focus on internal stakeholder issues such as:

  • Product Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Wages & Benefits
  • Local Community & Environmental Responsibilities

towards issues that a pharmaceutical company can influence.

Face-the-Challenge Attitude

Strong business ethics trickle down vertically and horizontally across the organization and every employee is bound by the formulated code of ethics set up by the pharmaceutical company. This enables us to build a bond of respect with the communities we work. It is heard that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. But at Neiss, we believe that when the going gets tough, the tough gets tougher. Therefore, the high standard of ethical behavior is sustained even in times of downturn or in the face of adverse macro environment.

Life at A Top Pharma Company in India

At NEISS, we believe in challenging our employees to the right extent, at the right time.


The salary structure at NEISS is one of the best in the industry with lucrative Incentives, Promotions and R&R. Yet the HR team knows the importance of professional satisfaction and has created opportunities not only for upward mobility but for cross training of employees to improve skill sets. The HRD understands that for the pharmaceutical company to have the right talent it is not only important to attract with reward but also to retain with incentives. Such strategies ensure that employee performance remains at its best. Employees, are, after all, the window through which Neiss serves its business partners.

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The work culture at Neiss is fast paced and friendly. The management is approachable and open to ideas. The employees thrive in an environment that supports creativity with the management serving as a guiding force.

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