Pharma Manufacturers in India

Core Features

Wide Therapeutic Area

20+ therapeutic domains coupled by expansive range of drug delivery forms

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Pharma Company in Mumbai

A decade old pharma company with strong roots in pharma industry

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Contract Manufacturing

Development of niche formulations with the help of strong R&D focus

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Regulatory Services

Proper documentation and dossiers of all our pharma product

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Pharma Manufacturers in India

The pharmaceutical industry in India has created a high value for itself over these years. Therefore, pharma manufacturing in India is the best choice for several reasons.

NEISS is a top ranked pharma company among the list of Indian pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in India, Neiss has earned a name among the leading drug manufacturing companies.

Neiss prefers to employ people of Indian origin to retain the best understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in India. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies excel in India for several reasons.

Come, Working with One of the Best Indian Drug Manufacturing Companies

Why India is the Best Choice in Pharma Manufacturing

India is predicted to be amongst the top 3 pharmaceutical industries by 2020 in terms of financial growth
India is expected to become the 6th largest pharmaceutical industry in terms of absolute size by zero
India the largest provider of generic medicines globally as in terms of volume, 20% of the world’s exports comprise of India manufactured generic drugs.
Cost of production in India is remarkably lower than in most countries.
Workforce is highly skilled, managerial and technically-sound.
Due to a predicted rise in economics, affordability for generic drugs is also predicted to rise.
The time for approval required by new facilities has been significantly lowered.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in India

Contract Partners with the Best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in India

Drug manufacturing has now evolved into a newer form: Contract Manufacturing.
The purpose behind formation of this new concept is to embrace quality services such as

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  • Basic pharma manufacturing of medicinal drugs
  • Development of innovative formulations
  • Study stability of drugs especially under acute storage conditions
  • Multiples stages of clinical trials